Attuning a Student

Using Multiple Perspectives to Improve Student Learning

Attuning a Student is a method to help teachers, students, and their parents understand how students’ learning profile can affect their learning.  The Attuning a Student process and associated online tool empower teachers to accurately and richly describe students’ strengths and weaknesses.  It considers students’ personal accounts of their experiences as learners and acknowledges the value of parents’ observations of their children’s learning.  These multiple perspectives enable teachers to search for recurring themes that can provide insight into students’ successes and challenges.

> Learn more about the Attuning a Student process (PDF)

Attuning a Student Online Tool

The Attuning a Student online tool enables teachers to:

  • Generate a student’s profile of learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a plan for leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses
  • Plan for talking with the student and his/her parents about the student’s learning profile and management plan
  • Plan for how to anticipate and measure the outcomes of the process. 

Please note: This tool is available only to those who have taken a course based on the All Kinds of Minds approach.  

> Enter the Attuning a Student Online Tool
Please Note: You can log into the tool using your old All Kinds of Minds username and password.  Forgot your user information?  Not to worry – we’ve added a “forgot username / forgot password” feature that will help you access the tool.

> Minimum system requirements for using the online tool (PDF)

> Guide to Using the Attuning a Student Online Tool (PDF)
Tutorial that walks the user step-by-step through the use of the online tool. NOTE: A narrated online version of the tutorial is available within the online tool. 

> Attuning a Student Parent Permission Letter
Customizable template to assist educators in communicating with parents about the Attuning a Student process. Check with your school or district for their policies on obtaining parent permission.  All Kinds of Minds requires parent permission for conducting the attuning process only when you will be discussing the student during All Kinds of Minds module sessions.

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