Resources for Anyone Working with Learners

If you are a parent or other adult seeking to better understand the learning needs of a young person, you are not alone. Many parents and other caregivers are looking for information to help them understand a struggling learner and support to help them better communicate with teachers and other school officials about their children’s needs.

Currently All Kinds of Minds website pages are primarily geared to educators, but we are planning to expand the resources, information, and tools to better meet the needs of other adults who are working with learners in the classroom and beyond.

In the meantime, here are a few resources we suggest:

    • The All Kinds of Minds Parent Toolkit is packed with information and strategies for those working with students struggling with some aspect of learning.
    • Take a look around on our parent organization’s website, the Q.E.D. Foundation.  Great information!
    • The Faces of Learning website features inspiring individual stories as well as the brand-new Learner Sketch tool, which invites users to explore their own learning strengths and challenges.
    • The following books provide parents with insight to better understand and observe the learning strengths and challenges of young people:
      • How Can My Kid Succeed in School: What Parents and Teachers Can Do to Conquer Learning Problems, by Dr. Craig Pohlman(Jossey-Bass 2009)
      • A Mind at a Time, by Mel Levine (Simon & Schuster, 2002)