What if I forgot my username and/or password?

The All Kinds of Minds Web site no longer requires a username or password for access.

With several exceptions, the “Educator Resources” formerly available only to those who had participated in our professional development programs are now available in the Put It into Practice section of this Web site.

See the FAQ regarding the Attuning a Student Online Tool for password information related to that tool.

How do I access the Attuning a Student Online Tool?

The Attuning a Student Online Tool is no longer available.  Please feel free to use our Learner Sketch Tool.

Where is the Parent Toolkit?

The Parent Toolkit is now located in the Reach More Learners > Collaborate with Others section.  Look under the heading “Collaborate with Parents” for this resource and others.

What professional development options does All Kinds of Minds offer?

Self-paced online modules and face-to-face courses are available.  To explore face-to-face program options, contact one of our program providers.

What are the fees for All Kinds of Minds professional development programs?

All Kinds of Minds online modules are currently being offered free of charge. Registration fees for face-to-face courses vary, depending upon the program provider and what is included in the fee. To arrange a course or learn more about available programs, contact one of our program providers.

Will I receive CEU credits for attending All Kinds of Minds professional development programs?

All Kinds of Minds does not actually award CEUs, and we regret that we are no longer able to provide past participants with documentation of course completion. Current course participants should work with the professional development provider offering your course to obtain the necessary documentation for submission to your school district or other awarding entity. It’s up to that entity (i.e., school district, State Department of Education, college, etc.) to designate how the CEUs can be used, based on the requirements set by the state or institution of higher learning. For more information about state professional development policies, contact your district or state agency.

Whom can I contact to find out about an educational evaluation for my child?

All Kinds of Minds does not offer clinical assessments; however, the following independent clinics offer educational assessments based on the All Kinds of Minds neurodevelopmental framework and philosophy: