All Kinds of Minds’ groundbreaking new book merges the science of learning with the art of teaching

DURHAM, N.C. (March 15, 2010) – All Kinds of Minds, a national nonprofit dedicated to translating the latest research on how students learn into training and tools that equip educators to better reach all learners, today announced the forthcoming release of their new book supporting that mission – Schools for All Kinds of Minds.

“There is a renewed sense of urgency to bring innovative solutions to meet the challenges in today’s schools. By building expertise around learning, school leaders can transform schools into places that prepare all kinds of learners for success in school and life,” said Mary-Dean Barringer, All Kinds of Minds CEO and co-author of Schools for All Kinds of Minds. “At All Kinds of Minds, we believe all students can have the opportunity to find success in learning; that all teachers can be learning experts; and that all schools can serve the needs of their diverse learners equally. When teachers use our research-based approach to better understand how students learn and put that it into practice, achievement gaps will close, the number of disengaged students will decrease, and the chronic underperformance of students in our schools will diminish.”

All Kinds of Minds has equipped more than 48,000 teachers worldwide to better understand, identify, and manage learning differences among students. More than 20 independent studies, along with a decade of program evaluation data, show that All Kinds of Minds’ programs help students improve on multiple measures of school success and academic achievement, and support greater instructional effectiveness for teachers.

Schools for All Kinds of Minds reveals the effective approach that All Kinds of Minds has developed and taught over the years through its successful professional development programs. Schools and educators can use this valuable knowledge and experience to build success with greater numbers of students while shifting to a learner-centered model of education. This book also demonstrates the importance of having this learning expertise in our schools and highlights the impact and consequences when all learners are not served equally.

Kinko’s Founder Paul Orfalea reflected on his learning journey in the foreword to Schools for All Kinds of Minds. His story reflects the type of student many educators give up on and parallels the experiences of many CEOs today, who say they struggled with learning at a young age before going on to become successful business leaders.

“We know that a struggle with learning does not mean you’re disabled; it means you learn differently,” Orfalea shares in the forward of the book and adds, “Mary-Dean’s book describes an approach that will help school leaders transform our schools into learning centers for all kinds of students … the result is a better understanding of how each of us learns and an approach to teaching that provides hope and optimism for all students; building confidence that they can learn, and faith that their schools can help them.”

Schools for All Kinds of Minds shows how schools can – and must – develop expertise in “learning variation” (understanding how different kinds of minds learn) and apply this knowledge to classroom instruction. The authors show how using what we know about learning variation with a focus on discovering learning strengths, not just deficits, can help schools create plans for success for those students who often find it elusive. The book also addresses how school leaders can incorporate this knowledge into instructional practice and policy through various professional development strategies.

Orders are now being accepted for this breakthrough resource that is already gaining national attention. Published by Jossey-Bass, the book will be in stores nationwide on April 5. Interviews with authors are available by request.


  • Mary-Dean Barringer is CEO of All Kinds of Minds. Since joining All Kinds of Minds in 2000, she has led the development and evaluation efforts of programs for educators. She was a founding board member of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and served as vice president of Outreach and Mobilization for that non-profit education organization from 1990 to 2000.
  • Craig Pohlman, Ph.D., is the director of Mind Matters at Southeast Psych, a learning assessment and consultation program in Charlotte, N.C. He is also the author of Revealing Minds and How Can My Kid Succeed in School?
  • Michele Robinson has worked with All Kinds of Minds in various capacities – developing program curricula, training facilitators, supporting research, and translating the knowledge base. She has personally taught thousands of educators the All Kinds of Minds approach.

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About All Kinds of Minds All Kinds of Minds is a globally recognized organization that translates groundbreaking research from neuroscience and other disciplines on how children learn – and vary in their learning – into a powerful framework educators can use in their classrooms. In addition to delivering high-quality professional development for educators, All Kinds of Minds advocates for learning-focused education policies and reform efforts to help transform schools and school systems to better meet the needs of all students. More information about All Kinds of Minds’ professional development programs is available at