Not “One Size Fits All”

At All Kinds of Minds, we understand that educators will access our programs and resources differently.  Because there are many ways to build expertise in learning, we provide knowledge about our learning framework and how to apply in the classroom in a variety of formats.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Teachers seeking to understand some of the critical elements of learning might consider taking one or more of our free online modules, which are accessible immediately.

Those who want to learn more about how the All Kinds of Minds approach can transform their schools might want to read our book, which includes reflection exercises that can be done independently or as staff development activities.  Some schools have even convened faculty book studies around the book.

In-Depth Study

Educators who want to gain a deep understanding of the All Kinds of Minds approach and learn about some of our signature processes for working with students should explore the professional development programs offered through our network of providers.  One-day, three-day, and five-day options, as well as shorter courses, are available.