Carnegie Parents Praise Program

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The Schools Attuned Program is touching more than just the lives of educators and students.  The Understanding All Kinds of Minds program is receiving positive feedback as I discovered last week in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Topics included in the Learning About Learning workshops include Paying Attention, Mastering the Challenge of Homework, Organized for Learning, Learning and Self-Esteem, and Building Alliances.

Esther King, a Schools Attuned advisor and teacher for Carnegie Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, presented the first of four scheduled Learning About Learning Workshops to an audience of more than 40 Carnegie parents.  One parent attending the seminar commented, “I think this ought to be required for every parent.  The information is so useful.”

Not only did the program draw a considerable number during the school day, it generated more inquiries about Schools Attuned and the resources available for educators, students, and parents.

Submitted by Dr. Sheryl Flowers, State Coordinator for Schools Attuned Oklahoma