Thinking About College

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  For high school students thinking about college, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. If you are a senior, you are likely deciding where you will be applying and starting to work on your FAFSA form to make sure you get all the financial aid you need. By the time you read this post, your deadlines … Read More

Word from the Quad: Good job, guys!

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Max and Chris finished a week-long SA training for our newbies last Friday. During lunches and dinners, I spoke with many of the teachers being trained and they all had wonderful things to say about SA, Chris, and Max. They also enjoyed working with each other throughout the week. Just sending along a “way to go” to Max and Chris … Read More

Common Language with SA

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Among our faculty at Wasatch Academy (WA), we benefit from a common language learned through SA certification. This is a major advantage for our staff which enhances the already-embedded philosophy of wanting to collaboratively help our students achieve through learning. Last week I spoke with Suzanne, one of our math teachers, who said she’s more excited for this, her second … Read More

What’s next?

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As our school year closes and the seniors graduate I ask the question “What’s next for them”. Having been taught to advocate for themselves, and with the majority of them being demystified, I ask if the college world will understand that students with learning disorders still require support. Fortunately the majority of the senior class members have chosen colleges and … Read More