Collaborating with colleagues, students and parents can be a great way to promote the science of learning. To facilitate collaboration around how students learn and vary in their learning, we’ve provided some information and resources below that will help you share the All Kinds of Minds approach with each of these key groups of people.

Collaborate with Educators

Start a book club using Schools for All Kinds of Minds discussion questions, or use the questions to help explore how the book applies to your own educational setting
Visit our Schools of Distinction to learn how other schools have successfully implemented the All Kinds of Minds approach
Encourage your colleagues to read – and subscribe! – to our blog
Tell your peers about our Facebook page

Collaborate with Students

Share the All Kinds of Minds learning framework with your students: hang these posters in your classroom
See our recommended books and games for kids that reinforce different elements of learning
Engage a student in helping to select applicable strategies from the Learning Library

Collaborate with Parents

Send parents a link to the Parent Toolkit to help them understand learning processes and discover at-home strategies and resources
Consider engaging students and parents in the Understanding All Kinds of Minds program. For more information, contact Success in Mind at (877) 680-8921.
Use this 1-page overview to share the All Kinds of Minds learning framework with parents