Our Students in Crisis

A good education is the most important thing we can give our children. A good education means ensuring every student learns and develops skills to succeed both in school and in life.  Their schools focus – or should focus – on learning.

And yet today’s schools do not meet the learning needs of all students.  Current education reform efforts largely focus onindicators, test scores and teacher performance, while there is little discussion of how we can leverage what is known about how students learn in our efforts to improve schools.

Changing the Conversation … to a Focus on Learning

All Kinds of Minds believes that it’s time to change the conversation when it comes to our education system.  It is time to recognize that each student has a unique learning profile that reflects his or her particular learning strengths, weaknesses, and affinities. We need to build expertise about learning in our schools, so that we can consider how students learn and why they may be struggling, not just how well or poorly they’re doing on their tests.

Teachers Will Lead the Learning Revolution

All Kinds of Minds joins with others to support teachers and provide opportunities for them to build their expertise in how students learn.  Because once teachers use the latest research on how students learn and put that knowledge into practice – every day, with every student – achievement gaps will close, disengaged students will decrease in number, and the chronic underperformance of students in our schools will diminish.

The Science behind Successful Learning

  • Translating the latest research from multiple disciplines into a neurodevelopmental framework and approachto help teachers better understand how students learn and vary in their learning.
  • Disseminating research-based information and resources to help teachers build their professional expertise around the science of learning, so they can help all students reach their potential.
  • Advocating for a greater focus on and understanding of the value of the science of learning and how it can help schools better serve all students.

We Can’t Do it Alone

All Kinds of Minds partners with all who have a stake in the teaching profession – schools, districts, states, higher education, foundations, and other organizations – to advance the understanding and use of the science of learning in classrooms and schools.  Join us as we work to “Spark the Learning Revolution.”