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I am currently working on a Masters in Ed. which specifically deals with how Wasatch Academy is integrating Schools Attuned. There are so many factors that impact the degree and quality of Schools Attuned integration that I find my thesis work quite fascinating! I guess that makes me an official Schools Attuned nerd… – That’s OK though; I’ve been called much worse! 😉

I have recently shifted from Heading the Learning Strategies Department to Being the Schools Attuned Administrator in the Department of Teaching and Learning. What this means is that my work-focus has shifted to training and supporting teachers as they work with differences in learning. So I am interested in picking peoples’ brains about how they are working with teachers.

Here are some starter questions. Feel free to respond outside of them.

1. How is your school supporting teachers (in integrating Schools Attuned) during the school year?

2. What exactly are the expectations for Schools Attuned integration in your school and how do you assess your teachers? Formal? Informal?

3. Is Schools Attuned integration tied to contract renewal at your school? How so?

4. What tricks have worked for encouraging the occasional, “reluctant teacher” to integrate their training into their professional practices? – As we all know, teacher trainings often collect dust on the bookshelves of teachers.