The capacity to come up with ideas, to elaborate, to think about objects or topics in a new way, all constitute part of what is referred to as creativity. Creativity represents an especially redeeming and important form of productivity. Every student should be helped to find areas in which he or she can discover an effective form of creative output. Creative thinking should be developed in school and at home. Providing activities in which students engage in brainstorming and creative thinking may help to uncover latent strengths in a struggling student and to provide a successful form of expression for a student in need of recognition. This chart describes some important skills related to having lots of ideas.

Necessary SubSkills Common Obstacles Helpful Tips
Student is able to relate new information to personal experiences and to bring his/her own perspective into classroom activities. Student has difficulty linking new information to his/her personal experiences or bringing his/her own perspective into school activities. view
Student is able to come up with his/her own ideas during activities and to think creatively when solving problems, completing assignments, etc. Student has difficulty generating ideas or thinking in a creative manner, for instance when required to come up with an original topic or to solve a problem. view