Since 2000, we have supported more than a dozen high quality research studies to examine the impact of the Schools Attuned Program across a variety of states and regions. In addition, many individual schools and districts have collected their own internal data on the impact of the programs in their locales.

Considered as a whole, these studies provide a substantial and compelling body of evidence that Schools Attuned is an effective program to help students succeed and has positive impacts on teachers and schools.

Research Snapshot (PDF, 2 pages)
Research Summary Booklet (PDF, 20 pages)
 Comprehensive Research Document (PDF, 40 pages) 

A Sampling of the Studies

Evaluation of Schools Attuned and Mentor Applications of Schools Attuned conducted by WestEd, San Francisco, CA. Principal Investigator: Naida Tushnet, Ph.D.

The WestEd study examined the effects of the Schools Attuned program on schools, teachers, and students. In addition, this study included an exploratory examination into essential elements and potential added benefits of mentoring programs. Researchers used a combination of independent observation; interviews with teachers, school administrators and mentors; focus groups; and teacher surveys.

WestEd Executive Summary (PDF)
WestEd Full Report (PDF)

Evaluating the Effects of Schools Attuned on Teaching Practices and Student Achievement conducted by The Center for Educational Assessment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Principal Investigators: Steven G. Sireci, Ph.D. and Lisa A. Keller, Ph.D.

This post-intervention study examined the effects of the Schools Attuned program on teachers, teaching practices, and statewide achievement test data. Researchers surveyed teachers regarding their use of teaching strategies and practices learned in the Schools Attuned program, and the effects of the program on student outcomes. In addition, researchers examined the performance of North Carolina and Oklahoma students on the state’s End-of-Grade Math and Reading tests.

UMASS Executive Summary (PDF)
 UMASS Full Report (PDF)

A Research Study to Measure the Impact of Schools Attuned on Special Education conducted by WESTAT, Durham, NC. Principal Investigator: Thomas A. Fiore, Ph.D.

The primary purpose of Westat’s study was to examine whether use of Schools Attuned affected the nature and extent of special education services required in schools. In addition, researchers examined the effects of the Schools Attuned program on teacher efficacy and student academic skills. Researchers used a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Westat Executive Summary (PDF)
Westat Full Report (PDF)

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