Kohala Elementary School is a public school in Kapaau, Hawaii, that serves 400 students in grades P-5. The school vision of empowering all students to reach their full potential is central to the way educators work with students.

In 2008 Kohala began working with All Kinds of Minds to address faculty concerns over the varied learning abilities they were encountering in their classrooms–and their inability to teach effectively to those different learning styles. Today nearly 70 percent of the school’s educators have completed an All Kinds of Minds course, and are using their new knowledge to better understand each student’s learning profile of strengths and weaknesses and to find ways to incorporate students’ affinities into their daily assignments. By implementing the All Kinds of Minds philosophy and processes into all aspects of Kohala’s school life, the faculty is working to make sure that teachers, students and parents all have a common language and framework for understanding what academic success looks like.

“Having this training has united our faculty even further in our goal to reach every student, and has strengthened our belief in students as learners with endless potential,” said Kohala Principal Eleanor Laszlo. “We also now have a specific language to back up and support our school philosophy, as well as the confidence to work with those students with more complex learning needs.”