Lausanne Collegiate School is a coeducational, nonsectarian school serving students in grades P-12 in Memphis, Tennessee. Known for its global diversity, approximately 17 percent of Lausanne’s 740 students come from outside the United States. As a result, acceptance of its students’ diversity is at the heart of the school’s philosophy and mission, which is to prepare each of its students for college and for life in a global environment.

“At Lausanne we are all working in partnership to provide the very best educational environment for the children who are here today and for those who will follow in the future,” said Stuart McCathie, Lausanne Headmaster. “Implementing All Kinds of Minds’ programs allows us to expand our view of students and provides us a means to better serve our diverse population of learners. It has united our faculty and enabled us to further our goal of developing the individual intellects, talents, creativity, and character of our students through innovative teaching, as well as encouraging passionate and engaged learning.”

Lausanne has partnered with All Kinds of Minds since 2003, and 82 of its staff members have participated in All Kinds of Minds programs. Faculty members have committed to cultivating a shared schoolwide understanding of how to meet students’ learning needs by identifying students’ individual learning profiles, strengths and weaknesses.

Educators at Lausanne have collaborated around numerous curriculum enhancements as they have worked to integrate the All Kinds of Minds approach into school programs. Laurie Ferrell, Lausanne’s Breakthrough Director, explains, “Our teachers are designing assessment-based school assignments that allow individual students to work using their strengths in the eight construct areas. Also, Lausanne educators now have a common language to discuss observations of their students and a better understanding of learning strengths and weaknesses, which they can use to determine optimal interventions and accommodations for students. Lower, middle and upper school faculties create lesson plans based upon learning diversity, fostering tolerance, acceptance, and a safe environment for all students.” Ms. Ferrell also notes that Lausanne has broadened its parent-teacher collaborations by holding workshops to help parents better understand the way their children learn and by providing regular opportunities for parent/teacher conversations centered around the All Kinds of Minds’ program content and processes.