The mastery of math facts is an essential ingredient in a student?s math development. Math facts are those addition, subtraction, multiplication and division computations, e.g., 2+2=4, 5X5=25, which are the basis for math operations. These basic facts must become increasingly effortless and automatic, so students can use them quickly and accurately, for example, when working with math procedures, learning math concepts, and performing math problem-solving. This chart describes important skills related to learning and recalling math facts.

Necessary SubSkills Common Obstacles Helpful Tips
Student shows an understanding of numbers and number values, and an awareness of the basic patterns in numbers. Student does not have a strong sense of numbers. Student does not understand that there are basic patterns in numbers. view
Student shows a consistent mastery of math facts that are taught at his/her grade level Student is inconsistent, remembering some math facts while forgetting others. view
Student is able to rapidly use math facts while solving a problem. Student has difficulty remembering multiplication, division, and/or other facts while solving problems view