Meredith-Dunn School is an independent, K-8 school for 200 bright children with learning differences. The faculty works to empower students in becoming accomplished learners and resilient individuals. Additionally, the school’s outreach services offer evaluations and diagnostics to people of all ages, summer enrichment programs, corporate team evaluations, and professional development.

The school features small class sizes (student to teacher ratio of 7:1) in order to personalize instruction for each student and provide the opportunity for educators to identify each learner’s profile. Each student’s annual individual development plan identifies learning strengths and weaknesses and aligns with the All Kinds of Minds neurodevelopmental framework.

Meredith-Dunn’s Assistant Principal, Janie Anthony says, “With nearly 100 percent of our faculty and administration trained in the All Kinds of Minds methods, Meredith-Dunn School has found that this approach blends with our curriculum and supports students’ understanding of themselves as learners.”