Developing good organizational behaviors can play a key role in efficient school performance. School is much easier for children who know how to organize themselves, their materials, and their work space. Having effective organizational tactics will continue to be a valuable asset throughout a student’s education and career. This chart describes some necessary skills related to keeping materials and work spaces organized.

Necessary SubSkills Common Obstacles Helpful Tips
Student has materials, such as pencil and paper, on hand and ready when it’s time to begin working on an assignment. Student doesn’t have materials ready when it’s time to begin an assignment, e.g. spends time searching for a pencil, looking for paper, etc. view
Student can keep track of his/her materials, such as completed assignments, books, etc. effectively. Student has difficulty keeping track of his materials, e.g. loses his/her homework, leaves his/her books at home, etc. view
Student has a consistent location or a few locations where he does his/her work. Student maintains his work space in such a way that he/she is able to work effectively and comfortably. Student doesn’t have a set place in which to get work done. Student doesn’t keep an adequate work space, e.g., creates such a mess that nothing can be found, has too many distractions in the area, etc. view