Understanding Learning = More Effective Teaching = Better Results for Students

All Kinds of Minds is focused on helping teachers build their expertise about how students learn and vary in their learning – and we’ve proven that when a teacher uses this knowledge to understand a student as an individual learner,  powerful things can happen. In the words of teachers:

“It absolutely changed the way that I look at children.”

“My lesson planning is incredibly different because of what I know about the brain processes now.”

“I feel more confident because I have the resources to make sure that all kids can reach their maximum potential.”

“It made me a better classroom teacher.”

Students Realize Their Full Potential

Our approach is not only changing the way educators think about teaching and learning, but it is helping students achieve success and realize their potential.

Teachers who use a neurodevelopmental framework learn to look for recurrent themes or patterns in student behavior and work. This lens enables them to pinpoint learning strengths as well as breakdowns and to apply targeted strategies to develop specific strengths and build up areas of weakness. It encourages them to identify students’ particular talents and interests (or affinities), which support student motivation and engagement in learning. It also enables teachers to enlist colleagues, parents, and students themselves in problem-solving around learning issues. Through this approach, students gain insight into their own learning processes as well.

Simply said, All Kinds of Minds helps to take the mystery out of learning.  And most importantly, we help students become successful learners and achieve their promise.

All Kinds of Minds in Action

All Kinds of Minds has worked with more than 50,000 educators in 5,000 schools worldwide to demonstrate that applying a neurodevelopmental approach in classrooms enables educators to better meet the needs of more of their students.

Two dozen independent studies and a decade of program evaluation prove that our approach benefits students, supports teacher effectiveness, and helps schools do their jobs better.  Plus, hundreds of reports from the field illustrate the powerful impact of equipping teachers with learning expertise and insight into how they can more effectively reach all kinds of learners:

Read about the independent research studies and school-based research projects that demonstrate the positive outcomes of our approach for students, teachers, and schools.