24/7 Access to Learning about Learning

Now, educators can develop their learning expertise anytime, anywhere with our online modules, created to help introduce educators to a few key aspects of our learning framework.  These modules are based on groundbreaking research from neuroscience and other disciplines on how children learn and vary in their learning.

Online Modules – Available FREE! *

Our online modules are designed to help educators build or refresh their understanding of two important elements of learning: memory and attention.

These self-paced 2-3 hour modules incorporate audio, video, text, diagrams, and animation.  They’ll allow you to:

  • Refresh and deepen your knowledge around memory and attention, helping you describe the components of these learning constructs, identify specific student strengths and weaknesses in these areas, and select specific strategies accordingly.
  • Apply new knowledge and assess your own understanding through numerous interactive exercises, including case studies.
  • Access research-based strategies, tools, and assessment tactics that you can use to evaluate your students who struggle with memory and attention, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Use tools, techniques, and tips immediately.

* NOTE: All Kinds of Minds will issue a certificate of completion for $5 each.  To receive a certificate, complete the required documentation by submitting the reflection questions along with answers for each module completed to info@qedfoundation.org and submit payment using the PayPal options listed at the bottom of this page. Certificates will be processed within one week of submission. Certificate submissions are not required in order to complete the module.

Minimum System Requirements for our Online Modules

We recommend the following system requirements to take our online modules:

  • A broadband (cable or DSL) connection is highly recommended.
  • Internet Explorer V6.1 or higher. If you have another browser or a lower version of IE, some of the features may not function as designed.
  • Speakers or a sound card are required as the modules contain audio and, in some cases, video are used throughout the course.

Ready to Learn?

Access the Attention module – In this module, you’ll explore mental energy controls (functions regulating cognitive energy flow), processing controls (functions regulating the processing of incoming information), and production controls (functions regulating academic output and behavioral control).

Access the Memory module – In this module, you’ll examine short-term memory, active working memory (mentally suspending bits of information while using or manipulating them), and long-term memory (storage and retrieval of information, experiences, or skills).

Please Note:  Certificate payment is not required to access or complete the module.

Online Module Certification Payment

In addition to your certification payment, be sure to send your module reflection to info@QEDfoundation.org to receive your certificate of completion.