Applying What You’ve Learned

What good is knowledge about how students learn unless you can put that knowledge into practice?  The resources in this section not only help teachers further build their understanding of how the mind functions, they also demonstrate concrete ways to apply the All Kinds of Minds approach to learning and learners.

Articles, Strategies, Products, and More!

Using our Learning Library, teachers can discover insights into common learning challenges, learn about neurodevelopmental factors that play into various academic skills, and find strategies for helping students overcome obstacles to mastering different skills and tasks.  And our case studies illustrate some of these insights and strategies in action.

You’ll also find information about how the All Kinds of Minds approach complements other school-based initiatives such as Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention.

And by popular demand,All Kinds of Minds is now offering the opportunity to purchase a few select products such as books filled with targeted strategies, card sets designed to help teachers and students assess their own learning strengths and weaknesses, and more.