These school based research projects have been conducted by Schools Attuned practitioners. All Kinds of Minds provided several schools with grants to help fund their research efforts. The administration and teaching staff of each school developed the questions, and collected, analyzed and summarized the data in these research  projects.

Menlo Park Terrace School Based Research Report (PDF)
A significant modification within the Menlo Park Terrace School educational program during the last several years has been the integration of the Schools Attuned Program. Using the Schools Attuned Program, teachers understand how children learn, students have learned about learning, and parents have enthusiastically joined in this team effort to give their children hope and help for realizing authentic success.

Evergreen Elementary School Based Research Report (PDF)
The Schools Attuned Program has enabled teachers at Evergreen Elementary to use a common language to discuss student needs and progress in an objective way. In using these neurodevelopmental constructs, teachers have become better observers of children’s actions in the classroom.

Impact of the Schools Attuned Program on Special Education Practices in School (PDF)
As a result of the Schools Attuned Program, several schools have begun to document a decrease over the years in referrals for special education, improvements in accuracy rates, and reduction in the provision of special services. Teachers have begun to feel that they can first try to help students in their own classrooms prior to making referrals.

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