A nondenominational, co-educational boarding and day school serving 223 students in grades 3-12, St. Andrew’s School serves students with learning differences whose needs have not been met in traditional public or private schools.

“More than ten years ago, St. Andrew’s School saw the potential for the positive impact of identifying how each of its students learns. With that realization, St. Andrew’s distinguished All Kinds of Minds’ philosophies and processes as the optimum approach to realizing its goal of understanding learning and learners,” says Headmaster John D. Martin. St. Andrew’s School has required all of its teachers to complete training programs from All Kinds of Minds.

Learning activities at St. Andrew’s include year-long courses for students, content courses (such as science) that have been designed and infused with All Kinds of Minds’ methodologies, and individualized learning opportunities depending upon the needs and ages of the students. Dana Gurney, St. Andrew’s Director Learning Services, explains, “Using our knowledge gleaned from All Kinds of Minds’ science-based program, our teachers can now better identify, understand, and embrace the different ways that students learn. As our knowledge and training opportunities grow, our faculty members continue to build activities into their curricula, and problem-solve with students and each other by looking at affinities, strengths, and weaknesses. All of our students are asked to take key roles in strategizing their success as learners. Both students and teachers now share a common language about learning to guide their work each day, and participate in weekly activities focused on each construct, with the goal of everyone understanding themselves as learners.”