St. Francis School is an inter-denominational school in Austin, Texas, serving approximately 400 pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students. St. Francis School’s low student-teacher ratio allows the faculty to attend to the individual learning needs of every student in this racially, ethnically, and economically diverse school.

“Perhaps our most rewarding outcome since beginning our integration of the All Kinds of Minds approach into St. Francis’ school culture in 2004 has been the many students who have expressed how much better they feel about themselves as a result of coming to St. Francis School, where they are able to excel in new ways,” shares Head of School Barbara Porter. “We credit our All Kinds of Minds collaboration with giving us the insights into learning that allow us to optimally address a wide range of student learning styles.”

At St. Francis School, classroom curricula are evaluated through a neurodevelopmental lens to ensure students are challenged as well as supported in their learning; even the school’s physical education program integrates the neurodevelopmental constructs into its program design. Classroom teachers, along with the staff of the St. Francis’ Learning Center, work together to find the most effective ways to incorporate All Kinds of Minds strategies into the classroom and tutorial setting. With the knowledge, tools and best practices acquired by working with All Kinds of minds, the entire school community—including the administration, teachers, parents, and students—works together to create an academically challenging and supportive environment for all kinds of learners.