Understanding and Accepting

Kim CarterDemystification, Exams

Last week I completed the exam accommodation schedule for our students at Forman School. It was enlightening to see that students who were once resistant to taking an exam in the library for a distraction free environment or in the computer lab where they would have access to a word processor to compose essays were now readily signing up for the services they needed. Students are no longer ashamed to ask for accommodations or deny they need them. In our Learning Center, Learning Specialists begin the school year planning demystification sessions for each of their students. Following discussions of a student’s strengths, the Learning Specialist leads the student into understanding his neurodevelopmental profile and its impact on school performance. Gradually the student becomes comfortable talking about his learning profile and acknowledging the fact that he may need accommodations in the classroom and when taking examinations. It may take some students longer than others to understand and accept the nature of their learning problems, but with careful guidance and support of their Learning Specialist, most, if not all, students learn and apply strategies to perform better in school and will advocate for needed accommodations without fear of being ridiculed or “different.” Acceptance is the key.