What’s next?

Kim CarterCollege Prep

As our school year closes and the seniors graduate I ask the question “What’s next for them”. Having been taught to advocate for themselves, and with the majority of them being demystified, I ask if the college world will understand that students with learning disorders still require support. Fortunately the majority of the senior class members have chosen colleges and universities that have specific programs for students with learning disorders. At Forman using the AKOM language enables our students have a much clearer understanding of their own learning process. They are constantly told that it will be important to contact the college early and discuss their individual needs, seek out resources, clearly articulate their strengths and challenges. I recently spoke to the senior class about their legal rights under The American with Disabilities Act and what they can and can not expect from colleges. There are many misconceptions that students and parents have about a students rights once they graduate high school. My message to them was to understand the basic abilities of their mind (Neurodevelopmental functions) to the best of their abilities because this will be a life skill.