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AKOM Learning Library

QED's AKOM Learning Library includes a vast collection of articles and strategies around common learning challenges.

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Learner Sketch Tool

The Learner Sketch Tool (LST) is an online tool designed to provide learners with a personalized profile and strategies to improve learning outcomes, and educators with information and strategies for strengths-based conversations that support every learner’s growth and success.

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AKOM Online Modules

Explore the key constructs of Attention and Memory in our free online modules.

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Who We Are


Q.E.D. Foundation is an organization of adults and youth working together to create and sustain student-centered learning communities. Our work is based on relationships and practices that first and foremost support students’ growth and learning while simultaneously improving the health of our communities and our society.

Young people are our most important resource for the future. As we at QED have learned from experience, when students work in concert with adults who are deeply invested in their success, they bring powerful voice and vision to the work of redesigning our school communities. Their participation in the work empowers and sustains their voices and vision.

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Learner Centered Resources

QED creates and disseminates our student-centered knowledge-base, strategies, tools, and practices.

QED Tools for Personalization

We build capacity through our many learner-centered assets including tools such as the Transformational Change Model, Learner Sketch Tool (LST), and MC2 Habits.

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